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Monday, October 19th, 2020  7:00 pm

Members present:

Upper Association (UA)    Lower Association (LA)
Kerry Hudson (KH)    Tina Phipps (TP)
Diane Friday (DI)    Kim Barker (KB)
Duane Fleck  (DF)    
Eydie Leighty (EL)     
Michael Leighty (ML)     

KH called meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

UA had quorum at this meeting and approved the July 2nd, 2020 meeting minutes. LA will approve at their next board meeting.  EL said these minute approvals should be recorded in each of our regular board meeting minutes.

Bookkeeping – KH reached out to CPA to see how we might reduce our cost.  CPA said she will reduce our monthly fee by $20.00.  KH said she thinks it’s better to have our financials done monthly rather than quarterly as mentioned at our last meeting.  EL mentioned CPA would have to compile more work quarterly so it probably wouldn’t save us much anyway.  UA has been contributing the amount to the reciprocal use account that UA budget called for in 2020.  This budget was not approved ahead of time by the LA so they have not been contributing their increased amount.  It was decided at the July 2nd 2020 meeting that the LA would try and catch up on their contribution.  EL asked when that might be.  TP said the LA have not talked about it but will at their next meeting later this month.  KB mentioned it might be a good idea to pay half the amount back in November and half in December so LA will be caught up before the new year. 

Signs - Swim at your Own Risk sign has been posted at the lakefront.  KH has also ordered a No Trespassing sign and Tennis Court Rules sign.  She is donating these signs.  There was also discussion of placing a sign for rules on motorized vehicles.

Electrical cables around cabana area not buried deep enough (currently only about 6” deep).  It was decided that people should call 8-1-1 before they dig.

Large tree roots on pathway between 256th and 257th.  UA covered them with dirt but DI would like the roots and/or trees removed.

Insurance  - KH reached out to our insurance agent to see if we are underinsured and the agent said we have $1 million dollar liability insurance per occurrence and that should be sufficient.  Our insurance company would like us to do the following:

  1. Replace the fire extinguisher in the cabana.  Everyone thought it might be a good idea to also purchase an additional small spray extinguishing can to keep in the kitchen.

  2. Steps leading from cabana to tennis courts should have a handrail or else the steps should be taken out and it should be sloped.  TP said we should get bids for both.  KH will get bids.

  3. We should repair holes and uneven surfaces around the area and we should inspect annually. 

Landscaping – Our landscaper currently works in cycles and bills accordingly.  He would like to increase his price and bill weekly instead in order to allow him more time (when there is 5 weeks a month) for extra things like tree trimming.  KH said he will write up a proposal.  TP would like to see a scope of work from him as well and asked if he would be able to get his proposal to us soon since we are in process of putting together budgets for 2021.  KH will contact him.

2021 Budget items – 

KH would like to gravel the pathway leading to the lakefront.  TP would like us to use crushed gravel instead of pea gravel, all agreed.  KB said the driveway from the gate to the cabana also needs gravel.  KH will get bid. 

KB mentioned the carpet should be replaced soon – KH will get bid.  

KH mentioned that the old windows should be replaced in the 3-4 years. Only the south side has had new windows installed.  

KH will contact our insurance agent to see if the price will be increasing next year.

 Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.