Thursday, July 2nd, 2020  7:00 pm

Members present:

Upper Association (UA)    Lower Association (LA)
Kerry Hudson (KH)    Anne Payton (AP)
Duane Fleck (DF)    Marianne Johnson (MJ)
Eydie Leighty (EL)    Tina Phipps (TP)
Michael Leighty (ML)    Kim Barker (KB)

AP called meeting to order at 7:26 p.m.

Bookkeeping – LA thinks we are paying too much for bookkeeping since it doesn’t require a lot of work, only a few bills and monthly reports. After discussion it was decided that KH will reach out to the current bookkeeper for options in reducing our monthly fee.  UA property management company (MyHOA-Online) said that if LA would take them on as their property management company, they could do reciprocal use books.  LA will discuss at their next Board meeting.  In the meantime, MyHOA-Online will see if they are able to put together a proposal to do reciprocal use books if LA does not go with them.  KH mentioned that UA has been contributing the amount to the reciprocal use account that UA budgeted for in 2020.  KB stated that LA was not presented the budget before LA budget was ratified so they could not plan for the increase and currently doesn’t have the money to pay the increased amount.  EL mentioned LA could make up the difference next year.  LA will discuss at their next Board meeting.

Gutter Cleaning – There was discussion about how much we are paying for cabana gutter cleaning and how many times a year it gets done.  The 2020 budget calls for $800 per year in gutter cleaning and LA thinks that amount seems high especially since we don’t know how many times that amount pays for.  KH said the gutter cleaning line in the budget should have just been categorized under General Maintenance.  She stated the reciprocal use landscaper works on a cycle and he cleans the cabana gutters when he see its needs to be done.

Swim at your own risk sign – LA thinks a swim at your own risk sign needs to be placed at the lakefront ASAP since summer is here. LA submitted a link to a Swim at Own Risk sign, UA stated they could get one for less money. KH will send a picture of one to LA for input before ordering.

Electrical cables around cabana area not buried deep enough (currently only about 6” deep) . A contractor hired by LA was working in that area and said electrical cable lines should be buried deeper or at the very least, small warning signs/flags should be placed around the area. There was discussion about how expensive it would be to bury the lines so small flags might be the better option.  MJ is currently working with that contractor so she will see if they have any flags they could give us and get their input on where to place them.

Large tree roots on pathway between 256th and 257th.  UA covered them with dirt but they still need to be covered with gravel.

Insurance - LA has been added as additional insured on insurance policy. LA feels the reciprocal property is underinsured.  KH will reach out to our insurance agent for advice.

Gate lock – LA suggested that we periodically change the code on cabana gate lock.  KH will look for paperwork on how to change the code.

Cabana Use - Cabana should not be used until our State is in Phase 3 of reopening from Covid19.

Trees along cabana driveway have been falling over.  One hit the tennis court earlier in the year. Another one near the gate on the south side of cabana driveway just recently fell over.  It has been moved and leaning against another tree along the driveway. KH will have reciprocal use landscaper remove it.  AP mentioned we should have the trees in that area inspected in the near future.

Budget items for 2021 – We should discuss what we would like to accomplish in 2021 and put people in charge of getting bids so we have cost before putting the budget together in the fall. It was decided that each Association will put together their wish list along with bids to present at the next Reciprocal Use Meeting scheduled for October 8th, 2020 at 7 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.