Lake Meridian Village Home Owners Association Information
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Located in Kent Washington, the community of Lake Meridian Village was established in 1978.  Recorded here is the history of the association from incorporation to current management.

The Lake Meridian Village HOA Washington State Articles of Incorporation

Please note that the files here are in PDF format. They are scans of the actual documents.

Community Development

The Lake Meridian Village community was originally developed by (TBD).

The Builders

The homes in Lake Meridian Village were built by (TBD).


The HOA was handed off to the homeowners on (needs completion)

The HOA was managed by Windermere Property Management South from (TBD) to November 1st, 2019. Prior to (TBD) it was managed by (TBD).

Lake Meridian Village is currently managed by MyHOA-online.com LLC as of November 1st, 2019.  MyHOA-online.com LLC is a local online business devoted to empowering communities that prefer self-management over traditional property management. MyHOA-online.com LLC works closely with the HOA Directors and Officers and provides them with the back office support to ensure that the business of the association is managed in a consistent, open and transparent way so that the HOA can do the job its members expect - represent their interests and protect the property values of the community.

MyHOA-online.com LLC:

Garbage pick up

Occurs each (TBD), by (TBD)