Section 1. Mandatory Exterior Maintenance of Townhouses. In addition to the maintenance upon the Common Properties, the Association will provide exterior maintenance upon each Dwelling Unit thereon which is subject to assessment hereunder as follows: paint, repair, replace, and care for roofs, gutters, downspouts, exterior buildings, surfaces, walks and other exterior improvements. This does not mandatorily include plant materials, but allows the Association to provide this service when requested by a member.
Section 2. Mandatory Exterior Maintenance-Assessment of Costs. The cost of such mandatory and requested exterior maintenance (including any and all costs of administration) shall be assessed against each Lot and Dwelling Unit upon which maintenance in to be done as follows: Prior to January 1 of each year the Board of Directors of the Association shall determine the estimated cost of the exterior maintenance to be performed on each Lot and Dwelling Unit for the coming year. The amount of such estimated cost per Lot and Dwelling Unit shall be added to and become a part of the monthly Common Property Maintenance assessment or charge to which such Lot and Dwelling Unit is subject under Article VI hereof; and as a part of such monthly assessment or charge, it shall be a lien and obligation of the Owner and be due and payable in all respects as provided in Article VI hereof; PROVIDED that, in the event the actual cost of exterior maintenance performed upon such Lot and Dwelling Unit in the course of such year shall be greater than the estimated cost, the owner shall, upon demand by the Association, pay to the Association the amount by which the actual cost exceeds the estimated cost. In the event the actual cost of exterior maintenance for such year is less than the amount actually paid by the Owner during such year, the excess amount paid shall be applied against the costs of exterior maintenance on any such Lot and Dwelling Unit for the following year.
Section 3. Access at Reasonable Hours. For the purpose solely of performing the exterior maintenance required by this Article, the Association through its duly authorized agents or employees shall have the right, after reasonable notice to the Owner, to enter upon any Lot and Dwelling Unit at reasonable hours on any day except Sunday.