Article XV: Evidence of Ownership, Registration of Mailing Address and Required Proxies
15.1 Proof of Ownership. Any person on becoming an owner of a condominium apartment shall furnish to the Managing Agent or Board a photocopy of a certified copy of the recorded instrument vesting that person with an interest or ownership, which instrument shall remain in the files of the Association. A member shall not be deemed to be in good standing nor shall he be entitled to vote at any annual or at a special meeting of members unless this requirement is first met.
15.2 Registration of Mailing Address. The Owners of each condominium apartment shall have one and the same registered mailing of monthly statements, notices, demands, and all other communications; and such registered address shall be the only mailing address of a person or persons, firm, corporation, partnership, association, or other legal entity or any combination thereof to be used by the Association, Such registered address of a condominium apartment Owner or Owners shall be furnished by such Owners to the Secretary within five (5) days after transfer of title; such registration shall be in written form and signed by all of the Owners of the condominium apartment or by such persons as are authorized by law to represent the interests of (all of) the Owners thereof. If no such address is registered or if all of the Owners cannot agree, then the address of the apartment shall be the registered address until another registered address is furnished as permitted under this section. Registered addresses may be changed from time to time by similar designation.
15.3 Completed Requirement. The requirements contained in this Article shall be first met before an Owner of a condominium apartment shall be deemed in good standing and entitled to vote at any annual or special meeting of members.