Article XI: Obligations of Owners
11.1 In General. Each Owner shall always endeavor to
observe and promote the cooperative purposes for the accomplishment of which the condominium was built and each owner shall comply strictly with all provisions of the Declaration.
11.2 Use of General Common Elements and Limited Common Elements. Each owner shall use the general common elements and the limited common elements in accordance with the purpose for which they were intended without hindering or encroaching upon the lawful rights of the other owners.
11.3 Right of Entry.
  1. An Owner shall permit the Managing Agent or other person authorized by the Board the right of access to the Owner's apartment and appurtenant limited common areas from time to time during reasonable hours as may be necessary for the maintenance, repair, or replacement of the common areas, or at any time deemed necessary by the Managing Agent or Board for the making of emergency repairs or to prevent damage to any of the common areas.

  2. An Owner shall permit the Managing Agent or other persons authorized by the Board, or other Owners, or their representatives, when so required, to enter his apartment for the purpose of performing installations, alterations, or repairs to the mechanical or electrical services, or to the apartments and limited common areas of such other Owners; provided that requests for entry are made in advance and that such entry is at a time convenient to the Owner. In case of an emergency, such right of entry shall be immediate.
11.4 Power of Attorney. Each Owner shall, upon becoming an Owner of a condominium apartment, execute a power of attorney in favor of the Association, irrevocably appointing the Association his attorney-in-fact to maintain, repair and improve the building and general and limited common areas, and to deal with the Owner's condominium apartment upon its destruction or obsolescence and regarding insurance proceeds as is provided in the Declaration. The purpose of such execution shall be more fully to evidence such appointment, but failure to execute such power of attorney shall in no way derogate from the appointment provided in the Declaration. This power of attorney shall also authorize the Association to sign promissory notes and mortgages in favor of the Association for any delinquent assessments or fines owed by the owner.